Strong Leadership

Illinois needs strong, independent leaders with articulate voices ready to take our state in a new direction. Nick Sauer has never been afraid to work hard, vote wisely, advocate for what is fundamentally right and even go it alone when it is in the best interest of constituents and taxpayers. As a fiscal hawk, he looks for the most cost affective solutions and votes against unnecessary spending. As our State Representative, Nick will have the strength of character and strong will to support measures that will bring back Illinois.


Fiscal Sanity

The most important role of the Illinois legislature is to approve a balanced budget. The majority Party in Springfield has failed to do this for years. Using budget gimmicks and games, they have kicked the can of debt down the road for too long. It is time to balance the state’s books! Nick understands that difficult decisions are ahead and tough choices must be made to balance our state’s budget, cuts are needed, reforms are required and honoring our taxpayers is a must!



Nick knows our state taxes and regulations are driving people out of Illinois. Improving our business climate, honoring property ownership and unleashing our regional competitive edge can only occur when our taxpayers are respected and Springfield lessens the overall tax burden. Nick strongly supports taxpayers keeping more of their hard earned money and requiring government to tighten its belt.



Illinois’ financial problems are rooted in government’s addiction to increasing programs, adding new ones and spending more and more of your money. With little regard to how programs are paid for, Springfield politicians have piled on tremendous debt. Nick will vote against unnecessary and wasteful spending and only support legislation that has a dedicated funding source.


Jobs & Our Economy

Historically, the Chicago-land region has been an exceptional place to do business but it’s time to take it up a notch. Improving our business climate by listening to and honoring job creators, small business people and workers will be a top priority for Nick in the Illinois Legislature. Respecting Illinois’ workers with free market principles, limited regulation and a predictable tax structure can ensure our state continues to be an attractive market for business expansion and retention.


Term Limits

Nick supports term limits and believes public service should be a calling, not a career. He will advocate for efforts to create legislative term limits and will vote for them as our Representative.


Fair Maps

Nick supports the effort to create responsibly and ethically crafted legislative district maps. People need to have a choice and a voice in politics. District maps should be drawn equitably and based upon fair data.



As a local government leader, Nick has regularly emailed his constituents with government updates, important information and news about key votes he has taken. He believes representatives of the people should always be open and accessible. Nick will continue to email his continents as our State Representative and will also host regular town-hall meetings to hear from residents. In addition, Nick supports open government and making it much easier for taxpayers and concerned citizens to access information about their government.


Transportation & Improved Infrastructure

Improved transportation made Illinois home to the nation’s largest airport, the strongest road and toll highway system and history’s leading rail network. Demands on these commuter and commercial corridors continue to grow and state improvements will be critical to the state’s economy. Our government needs to continually analyze and plan for effective ways of moving people and products across Illinois. Nick will be an educated leader on maintaining, improving and expanding our state’s transportation and infrastructure needs.


Unfunded Mandates

Nick is a small government conservative leader who has served as a volunteer school board member and county commissioner. He believes that the government closest to the people is the best and most responsive. State government has imposed on local government too many hoops to jump through and requirements to meet. Most of the time these mandates are unfunded, increase the size and scope of local government and require taxpayers to spend more money. Nick will advocate for removing unnecessary, unfunded requirements, dictated by Springfield and placed upon local schools, townships, municipalities and counties.


Ethical Leadership

Corruption and unethical behavior has plagued Illinois’ past, but it does not need to define our future. Nick will work hard to lead by example and make decisions that honor the values of our district and the people he will represent.