Nick Sauer Releases List of Endorsements:

Wide Support for Illinois State Representative District 51 Run


Lake County Board Member Nick Sauer, independent conservative running for Illinois State Representative in the 51st District, has received over 40 endorsements from local leaders across Lake County and the 51st District, with more to be released in the coming weeks.

“I am humbled by the overwhelming support and enthusiasm I have received from friends, supporters, voters and community leaders like these, since I announced my candidacy one week ago.” said Sauer. “The constant theme that I hear across Lake County and District 51 is that people want to make Illinois a better place to live, work, invest and raise a family again. The people of our district know that I will fight to do just that.” Sauer added. “I want to thank everyone that has reached out to me and look forward to earning the most important endorsement, the vote of the people across our district.” said Sauer.


List of Endorsements

Illinois State Representative, District 52, David McSweeney
Illinois State Representative, District 51, Ed Sullivan Jr.
Former Illinois State Senator, David Barkhausen
Former Illinois State Representative, Joann Osmond
Former Illinois State Senator & former Lake County Board Chair, Suzi Schmidt

Barrington Village Trustee, Jim Daluga
Barrington Village Trustee, Todd Sholeen
Former Barrington Village Trustee, Robert Windon
Former Barrington 220 School Board Member, Jeff Church

Barrington Township Clerk, Trudy Barrie
Barrington Township Republican Committeeman, Dan Fitzgerald
Barrington Township Republican Organization President, Linda Post

Barrington 220 School Board, President, Brian Battle
Barrington 220 School Board, Vice President, Penny Kazmier
Barrington 220 School Board, Secretary, Sandra Ficke-Bradford
Barrington 220 School Board Member, Wendy Farley
Former Barrington 220 School Board Member, Sam Oliver

Cuba Township Supervisor, Dave Nelson
Cuba Township Highway Commissioner, Randy Marks
Cuba Township Assessor, Rebecca Tonigan
Cuba Township Trustee, Jack Mumaw

Chair of Lake County Right to Life, Bonnie Quirke

Ela Township Supervisor, Lucy Prouty

Former Deer Park Village Trustee, Bill Koutsis

Lake Barrington Mayor, Kevin Richardson
Lake Barrington Village Trustee, Andrew Burke
Lake Barrington Village Trustee, Karen Dalton Lange
Lake Barrington Village Trustee, Chris Mitchell
Lake Barrington Village Trustee, John Schaller
Lake Barrington Village Trustee, Connie Schofield
Lake Barrington Village Trustee, Jim Thompson
Former Lake Barrington Village Trustee, David Raclaw
Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court, Keith Brin
Lake County Treasurer, David Stolman
Lake County Superintendent of Schools, Roycealee Wood

Lake County Board Chairman, Aaron Lawlor
Lake County Board Member, Chuck Bartels
Lake County Board Member, Steve Carlson
Lake County Board Member, Brent Paxton
Lake County Board Member, Linda Pederson
Lake County Board Member, Forest Preserve District President, Ann Maine
Lake County Board Member, Former State Representative, Sidney Mathias
Lake County Board Member, Mike Rummel
Lake County Board Member, Craig Taylor
Lake County Board Member, Bonnie Thomson Carter
Lake County Board Member, Tom Weber
Lake County Board Member, Jeff Werfel
Former Lake County Board Member, Stevenson Mountsier
Former Lake County Republican Party Chairman, Bob Cook
Former Lake County Treasurer, Bob Skidmore

Lake Zurich Mayor, Tom Poynton
Lake Zurich Village Trustee, Jim Beaudion
Libertyville Township Assessor, Peggy Freese

Mayor of Mundelein, Steve Lentz
Mundelein Village Trustee, Dawn Abernathy
Former Mundelein Village Trustee, Ed Sullivan Sr.

New Beginnings Church of Chicago. Pastor and Founder, Pastor Corey B. Brooks, Sr.

North Barrington Village President, Al Pino
North Barrington Village Trustee, Pete Boland
North Barrington Village Trustee, Martin Pais
North Barrington Village Trustee, Lawre Weiner
North Barrington Village Trustee, Todd Smith
Former North Barrington Village Trustee, Ann Kafka

Former Village President of Tower Lakes, Kathleen Leitner

Wauconda Township Supervisor, Glenn Swanson